Let’s Talk About Branding


Whether you are a start up business or a well established company, there’s one thing you have in common. BRANDING! What is branding? Branding started back in the day when ranchers and farmers wanted to make sure that if their livestock wandered off or was stolen, they could prove that Bessie the cow was their property. And they did this by putting their mark on the livestock – basically stating “MINE“.

Today’s version of branding is a logo. Your logo should visually express your business -in a nutshell a logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its stuff. And where should your logo go? EVERYWHERE! On your signage, letterhead, business cards, uniforms, vehicles, advertisements, and – you guessed it – your website, your social media pages, your app, and your email.

Consistency is the watchword for branding. Your logo should appear the same in all iterations. It should not be blue on your website and red in your print ads. You should not have a different logo on your business cards than you do on your social media pages. You want your logo to be easily recognizable by your clients, customers and prospective customers.

So before you dive into a website, make sure your branding is in place.

Coming Next… Can You DIY it?


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