You Need a Website… Now what?

icon-global-tnSo, you’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t only want a website, you need a website. Where do you go from here? This web design series will enlighten you and help you through the process. KJR will be covering the essentials… soup to nuts!

It will take some prep on your end, but it will be well worth it when you possess the website of your dreams. But before we begin you have some homework.

Ask yourself these questions…

What type of website do I need?… a business site, a blog, an e-commerce site, an informational site, a brand building site, or a combination of all …

icon-website-tnWhat do I want my site to do?  Do you intend to use a database to store client or member information, will you have multiple users updating content, will you post multimedia files?

icon-money-tnHow much site can I afford?
Do you have a fixed budget? Do you have a clear picture of the cost of designing and maintaining and promoting a website?

icon-device-tnDo you intend to market your website on mobile devices?  


Hopefully, once you are done with this series, you will have definitive answers to all these questions and the myriad of other questions that will arise during the process of building a site.

Well, what are you waiting for? GET BUSY!


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